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Are you dealing with equipment safety?

Of course we are. The devices we supply include a risk analysis of the machinery, and we label the equipment according to legislative standards. 

Is it difficult to learn how to operate and maintain your equipment?

We properly train your staff so they can easily manage both the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Why a dachshund?

We chose a dachshund as company mascot due to their intelligence, agility and exceptional nature, and because it will help you remember us well.  

Can I view your company profile on social media?

Yes, we are an active ‘LinkedIn’ user, and our profile can be found at this link.

I'm a trained programmer - can I find a job at your company?

Yes, our company is growing ... You can find open positions under the section: Career opportunities.

Are you looking for new trading partners?

Yes, it is possible to establish cooperation to meet our internal capacities, especially in the field of programming in industrial automation, electrical installations in industrial automation, design work in industrial automation, and in the field of production and assembly of mechanical units

Can I find a list of your realised projects?

Yes, selected projects are found on this website under Case Studies. These can be categorised according to the benefits that the solution has produced (e.g. cost savings, increased safety or the simplification of service, etc.).  

Which manufacturer’s components do you use most often in your solutions?

We use components from proven manufacturers with whom we have been cooperating for a long time. Our products naturally feature CE Marking. You can find our specific suppliers at: Solutions based on HW producer

What are your delivery times?

It always depends on the scope of the particular project and the hardware used. We are able to realise projects in 2-6 weeks after receiving a binding order.