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Realization of urgent projects, September 2017

We have successfully managed to meet customer’s (ŠKODA AUTO a.s.) urgent equipment adjustment requirements with a high effort used.

There have been two projects realized with high effort at the M1 hall at the Škoda Fabia assembly line:

  • First of them consisted of speeding up a node of robotic stations of re-hanging the units of front and rear axle. Our task was to analyze the whole system and find possibilities of speeding up the individual phases of the assembly proces while maintaining robot safety, which we achieved. We realized an adjustment of individual mechanism cooperation. The final outcome significantly overcome customer’s 3 second time-saving requirement by reaching total 7 second time-saving result.
  • Another project dealt with the production data flow at the pre-assembly of units.The communication among convenyor, robotic station of axle pushing, gearbox-oil filling pumps, and an automatic tightening of central nut at the front axle. The original systém working on RFID basis has been completely removed and replaced. The changes also considered visualization (Cimplicity). Customer’s requirement was achieved in superior time.