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Products and services

We provide control and visualisation systems for industrial automation, and we create and maintain effective and safe technological processes. Our customers are mostly manufacturing companies in the automotive industry, but we are essentially able to automate production processes in any manufacturing sphere. We are able to realise assembly lines from the very beginning up to their full and safe operation.

How do we work?

  • We propose technical solutions on the basis of an analysis of your requirements.
  • We create an electrical project and analyse machinery risks.
  • We supply all the necessary electrical components (including complete cabinet assembly).
  • We choose the most suitable industrial, control and visualisation technology.
  • We create a program that enables this equipment to receive and process signals from sensors and control the production process.
  • We create a graphical interface that enables even non-programmers to monitor and smoothly control production.
  • We design and implement the best ways to collect and control production data with a connection to a database server.
  • We supervise trial operation and the production program (stand-by).
  • We provide warranty and post-warranty service.

We do all of this independently and professionally so you can be sure that you are getting the maximum support for your plans.