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Reference number: 16871

Investor: Control system for manipulators - roof windows/ panoramic roofs

Objective:Doplnění řízení a implementace SW úprav pro nový model vozu KODIAQ na manipulátorech montážních linek PSD, které slouží k manipulaci se střešním oknem při instalaci tohoto okna do vozidla.

Chosen solution:

It is a device, which is designed for roof window / panoramatic window into the vehicle. The adjustment enabled higher varsatility and adjusting of manipulators at the Kodiaq assembly lines 1 (PSD ML1) and 2 (PSD ML2)  and in the production facility of Škoda Auto a.s. in Kvasiny.

A data recognition of cables has been launched, as well as enabling of new set of parameters for servo movements, adjustment of pneumatic cylinders using current sensoric system. Programwise, the device PSD ML1 restored to original  four model operation and in the PSD ML2 device model KODIAQ has been replaced by new model SUPERB (new parameter set). Then affected models have been tested.

Device handover happened accordingly to the customer’s standards and metodics. The customer received supplier’s declaration, technical report, complete project documentation, and maintanance and operation staff has been trained.

Realization time – august 2016.

Used technology:

  • Project documentation of electrical connections:
    program E-Plan P8 version 2.3

  • Used program background, program and development environment :
    STEP7 ver 5.5, PLC SIEMENS
    Wincc flexible 2008

  • Hardware:

    Operator’s panel at the controller, SIEMENS 
    Decentral peripherals, SIEMENS 
    Control system, SIEMENS 
    Inductive sensors, Turck 
    Optical sensors, Sick 
    Cylindrical sensors, Festo 
    Mechanical sensors, Schneider
    Courts to sensors and doublers, Turck, Murr

Project pitfalls:

Challenge of this project was mainly in ensuring the correct setup of movement coordinates X,Y and launching the manipulator to the new model line.

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