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Control system for the ceiling gluing workplace – electronics and software
Reference number: 15829

Investor: Magna Lipsko

Objective:The task was to design, project, manufactire and launch the control systém of semiautomatic robotic station. It serves for gluing rooftops of Porsche Panamera in the facility of Schnellecke company in Leipzig.

Chosen solution:

The launch of the new car model required us to introduce a new robotized workplace for bonding ceiling parts at our customer. During the realization the initial commissioning took place at the premises of the customer in Mladá Boleslav, followed by the relocation and recommissioning of the plant in Leipzig.

While the customer supplied the mechanical part (ie creating and assembling the cutting tables) and the robot and dosing control system, our company secured the station management. The PLC control is built on the Siemens platform, with the KTP600 visual panels and the Profinet communication bus. This is done on the basis of Siemens PLC. The whole system is modular and extensible. The KTP600 control panel is designed for operation, we have introduced the Profinet system to exchange data between the robot and the adhesive. System delivery also includes parameterization of a master control device based on a production sequence that includes several types of wagons - controlled by custom customized computer application.

The project was structured into three stages. At first, we designed and projected the control system of the workplace and started communicating and managing the first table. In the next stages, two more tables were installed.
The device was handed over in accordance with the customer's instructions. The customer has received the supplier's declaration, technical report, complete project documentation and user documentation, service and maintenance staff has been properly trained.

Term of implementation - June 2016.

Used technology:

  • Design documentation for electrical wiring:
    Program E-Plan P8 version 2.3
  • Used software, programming and development environment:
    Simatic Step 7 ver. 5.5
    WinCC Flexible 2008
  • Hardware:
    PLC Siemens S7-300F
    Contactors, auxiliary contactors, Schneider signaling columns
    Turck / Murr connectors
    Inductive / Optical Tuck / Sick / Balluf Sensors
    Distribution cabinet

Project pitfalls:

When implementing similar projects, the standard is that the equipment remains in the place where it was installed and put into operation. In this case, we have encountered a case that was unusual for us. We first put the equipment into operation, built and revived, and then the customer moved it to another production plant where it was put into operation without any major problems.

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