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Pallet reserve control system – capacity expansion of the reserve
Reference number: 15900

Investor: ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Kvasiny

Objective:Expansion of the capacity of the frame reserve for the central and rear assembly pallets and extension of the track for the moving stacker (Winkel) in facility M3 of ŠKODA AUTO a.s. Kvasiny.

Chosen solution:

The project addresses the adjustment of the track for stackers and exchange of cables in the energy troughs and for moving switches. In the newly built shelves for central and rear pallets, sensors have been added for sensing skids (pallet carriers) and pallets, which are connected to the corresponding de-centralised gateway. The cells of the rear pallets are fitted with four sensors for recognition of three types of pallets. The refurbishing station for the rear pallets and the corresponding control panel and entry doors to the facility has been relocated due to the expansion of the shelves. The PLC program has also been adjusted along with operator panels and controls of cells newly installed in shelves.

The realisation was carried out gradually from June to September 2015.

Used technology:

E-Plan P8 version 2.3 (projection)

STEP7 – V5.5 (PLC programming from Siemens)

WinCC Flexible – 2008 SP2 (control panel programming)

Securing elements, contactors, PROFINET from Siemens

I/O modules, connectors, Turck sensors

Project pitfalls:

Extension of the track led to extension of the work tact, and therefore it was necessary to create a software adjustment for speeding up and pre-readying the pallets.

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