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Control system of the conveyor for aggregate preassembly – malfunction monitoring
Reference number: 15995

Investor: ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Mladá Boleslav

Objective:The aim of the project was to create a program block for control of screw tightening during assembly of aggregates (of engines), and the output for personnel is displaying of the status of tightening in the table on the operating panel.

Chosen solution:

This is equipment which serves for transport of vehicle aggregates in the assembly facility for Fabia vehicles (M1) at Škoda Auto a.s. Mladá Boleslav. The client’s requirement was that it be monitored whether or not unsatisfactory or defective tightening of screws was occurring during engine assembly. As a solution, we proposed monitoring the condition of the mechanics on assembly carriers, which influences the quality of tightening of connections. The condition of the carriers and connections is shown in the newly programmed table in the operating panel (QP View).

The project was completed without problems. Handover of the equipment occurred in accordance with the client’s regulations. The client received a declaration from the supplier, a technical report and complete project documentation. The operators and maintenance staff were properly trained.

Realisation schedule CZD 2015 (company-wide planned downtime at Škoda Auto a.s., normally 14 days).

Used technology:

  • PACSystems RX3i (producer GE IP, PLC SPS, Logic Control) – use of ladder logic
  • Operating panel QP View 12“ TFT (from GE IP)
  • Programming environment: Proficy Machine Edition 8.5

Project pitfalls:

The challenge in this project was the technology for implementation – ensuring of valid data for evaluation of screw tightening.

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