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Quality andon system – expansion to include additional workplaces
Reference number: 15785

Investor: ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Mladá Boleslav

Objective:Installation of the qualitative andon system for the décor workplace at bridge D13 of Škoda Auto a.s. Mladá Boleslav. This is an information and warning system, which gives immediate visual and audible alerts to the work team that a problem has occurred.

Chosen solution:

During realisation, extension rods and switches were installed on the line, which can be used to signal malfunctions or other problems. Communication with PLC occurs via the Profibus network. The production data are also processed on a virtual server (located in the investor's network). This server ensures visualisation for dispatching, database operation and logging of alarms. The production data are displayed via NEC LCD monitors.

In this project, we sought to accommodate the customer’s requirements for additional displaying of production information. The solution was adjustment of the project in Cimplicity and PLC by adding a module for displaying production information on tables – the shift and day schedule, the number of produced vehicles per shift and the trend for the shift and day.

Handover of the equipment occurred in accordance with the client’s regulations. The client received a statement from the supplier, a technical report and complete project documentation, and the operating and maintenance personnel were properly trained.

Realisation occurred during the Christmas holiday downtime in 2015 (the company-wide planned downtime at Škoda Auto a.s., normally lasting 14 days).

Used technology:

Proficy HMI/SCADA Cimplicity 8.1 SIM 09 (visualisation programming)

Proficy Machine Edition 8.5 (PLC programming)

PLC RX3i firmy GE Intelligent Platforms

I/O modules, sensors, connectors Turck

Buttons, controls, signals Siemens

Project pitfalls:

In this project, it was necessary to plan and coordinate thoroughly the arrangements with all subcontractors participating in realisation.

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