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Modernisation of the operator panels
Reference number: 16630

Investor: ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Mladá Boleslav

Objective:Modernisation and extension of the lifespan of the equipment by replacing one of the existing obsolete panels with buttons with a graphic QuickPanel (an operating panel on which information is displayed based on the customer’s requirements) in facility M13 of ŠKODA AUTO a.s. Mladá Boleslav (where Octavia, Rapid and Seat vehicles are assembled.

Chosen solution:

This project addresses replacement of a panel at the aggregate development in the assembly facility for Octavia vehicles. The old button panel was replaced with a new QuickPanel with graphic touchscreen controls, for which a design was created based on the user’s requirements and sample. The condition was that the graphic design of the QuickPanel must correspond as much as possible to the actual position of the control elements of the line, which was made possible by the technical capabilities of QuickPanel.

The project was realised in March 2016.

Used technology:

Project documentation for electrical connection:

-          program E-Plan P8 version 2.4

Used programs, programming and development environment:

-          QuickPanel 12” TFT from GE Intelligent Platforms

-          software Proficy Machine Edition version 8.5.

-          Ethernet communication


-          Control panel - Rittal

-          Securing elements, buttons, emergency stop, controls, signals - Siemens

-          Rittal distribution cabinet

-          Clamps - Wago

Project pitfalls:

We fully utilised the technical capabilities of QuickPanel, so that the control elements would correspond to the actual location of the control elements of the line.

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