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We provide contracted service for control system software and hardware, from telephone support to continual standby. Service can also be contracted for control systems provided by third-parties. We offer service on programmable machines (PLC, SPS), information superstructures (SCADA systems) and LJU systems

CMS service line - a non-stop service line available 24 hours 7 days a week, at 00420 606 617 162. Please call if::

  • you have a service agreement with us and require technical assistance 
  • a problem has occurred with a project we are implementing or have implemented for you 

Likewise, do not hesitate to call when you need help repairing any control system, and we will try to provide technical assistance and support.

We offer 

  • troubleshoot malfunctions in programmable machines with information superstructures (faults in programmable machines) 
  • diagnose defects in the equipment and help correct problems (for example, helping to find a faulty sensor and peripherals using PLC, etc.) 

Supported systems

Control systems

  • GE Intelligent Platforms, PLC
  • Siemens, PLC
  • currently deployed systems, for example:
    • P2L - a system for checking material pick lists by the "Pick-to" method (signalisation with feedback)
    • QA - so-called qualitative Andon, an informative tool that instantly, visually or even audibly, tells the team that there is something wrong in the area (alert system)
    • EkkV - system for the computerisation of outputs from technological equipment

Information superstructures

  • Proficy HMI/SCADA - Cimplicity od firmy GE Intelligent Platforms
  • HMI WIN CC, Siemens

LJU service systems 

  • Troubleshooting of LJU elements
  • Repair of defective control unit components and switchboard equipment 
  • Special diagnostics (a specific device model is created for specific malfunctions using a special test device, where the LJU control system is deployed and all the tests are performed)
  • Proposal of setting parameters and their adjustment
  • Diagnostics of LJU elements in switchboards
  • Launching and testing of LJU elements on the device

Ordering terms and method 

We offer our services in three basic versions:

  • Service with a concluded service contract - in this variant we guarantee the agreed time availability of our employee 
  • Service without a service contract - on working days, the service technician will arrive at the earliest possible time
  • Express service - at the customer's request, if the time proposed by us is not convenient, we will arrange for a special team to arrive within the requested period
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