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User training

For our control systems we offer system training for end-users and system integrators according to the standard training program as well as individual training based on the customer’s needs.

Courses are suitable for beginners, who gain their first practical experience, and even for intermediate users. We can offer experienced programmers information and practical exercises to expand their knowledge.

Training takes place on the premises of our company, where the necessary technical equipment is also available.

Course offer

  • PLC GE control systems
  • visualisation systems, Cimplicity
  • control of EHB suspension conveyors with LJU control

Lecture content

  • The content of lectured material is designed so that the course yields the maximum amount of new information that can be efficiently obtained and subsequently used in the given cycle.
  • Each course is run by experienced lecturers with practical experience in automation technology
  • Courses are 1 to 3 days, for 1-6 participants

We can also offer you

  • individual curriculum changes
  • practical demonstrations of control system deployment
  • accommodation for participants
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