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Automation for factories

We are able to manufacture and assemble the cabinets, including their delivery to the destination and subsequent cabling. We use a skilled team of experienced programmers with years of experience in PLC and PC programming to program and revive systems. The openness and reliability of the systems we offer make it possible to expand and modify equipment in the future, reducing the cost of possible reconstruction and expansion. We have proven this advantage many times in practice.

During the more than 19 years of our company's existence, we have accumulated extensive experience not only in the automotive industry, our main focus, but also in the food, energy, chemical and engineering industries. We are able to create a tailor-made project for each field using suitable HW and SW resources. We guarantee the high quality of our work. Our services provide you a convenient and fast solution tailored specifically to your field of business. We offer a wide range of complete control for conveyor systems and information and manufacturing systems. We ensure you safe and simplified operation and maintenance of your equipment.

We most commonly work on these types of equipment: dispatching, automatic stations, production and quality information systems, image recognition using cameras, conveyor technology, robotic workplaces and business environments.
We offer services in the field of electrical design, electrical installations, control systems, visualisation, machine safety, logistics and control.

Detail information about our work could be found in the section References.